Friday, October 9, 2009

Consistently Impossible.

I was sitting around the bungalow one August afternoon in Indonesia. My body was riddled with staf infection that I got from scratching my mosquito bites with dirty fingernails (dumbass), I had recently acquired a bad case of road rash after laying down the motorbike on newly paved gravel and successfully sliding roughly 20ft to a stop...took it on the foot though, could of been much worse, needless to say I was missing a few inches deep worth of skin which was quickly replaced with antiseptic wrap, bandages, and duct tape (got the scars to prove it), and was facing my second bout with the local stomach bug known as Bali belly and was suffering for 72 hours with extreme evacuation (colorful). So after chilling in my hammock for a while I said to myself, "Shane, stop feeling sorry for yourself you sissy!" So I went out and took pictures. This photo is of a stretch of reef known as Impossibles. Needless to say, there are a few sections that are challenging.

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